Ethics in computer science hackathon : write your dystopia

DATE : 3-4 NOV 2022
TIME: 9.00am- 6.00pm
PLACE: Chateau du Montet, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy

We aim at creating a space for reflection on ethical issues by imagining dystopia. The course intends to explore the ethical issues of the participants' research area by reflecting firstly on how the research is conducted (deontological ethics) and secondly on how the results could be diverted (consequentalism). This course will encourage a sense of social, environmental, and scientific responsibility. The course will provide a short introduction on ethics (philosophical bases) and a presentation of a case study. Participants will then be guided in the elaboration of science fiction scenarios based on their -or related- research up to the writing of a dystopian narrative. This original format will allow to intensively practice ethics in a creative setting.

Your data are collected for the purpose of the event only. They will not be shared with persons outside the organisation. They will be deleted within 1 year after the event.


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